Providing Supported Housing For Over 40 Years.
Registered Under
The Industrial & Providential Societies
No. 19228R.

25 Therapia Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 0SF
Contact Number - 0208 299 0974

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A Potted History of Windsor Walk
Housing Association

The Windsor Walk Housing Association concept came about 1970, originally from Dr Jim Birley, who was at the time, Dean of the Maudsley Hospital, the primary psychiatric hospital in South London. Dr Birley was concerned over the closure of the large mental health institutions, which meant that many of the institution’s residents would be living within the local community and his intention was to provide accommodation for people whilst they were integrated into the community again with additional support.

Alexander Leathley Morgan

For about 15 years until 1983 I was employed by the DHSS as a Resettlement Officer, initially at the huge Camberwell Reception Centre or Gordon Road Spike as it was known.  I later became a group resettlement officer for the 20 or so centres all over the country. Briefly, this meant I assisted in the training and raising mental health awareness to the staff of the centres who supported homeless/vagrant men (later women) to lead a more settled life.

'Renowned street artist MAD C from Berlin Mad created this interpretation of a 17th century Van Dyke painting that hangs in DPG ~ it's a woman on her deathbed after drinking too much viper wine! The lady in the photo is Ingrid Beazley from Dulwich Picture Gallery who organised this project.'

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